Martin Cooper

Martin Cooper

Advisory Board Member

“Our technology has put man into space and supercomputing power on a chip and surgical procedures onto micro-robots.  We’ve spent decades automating the enterprise and building games for kids but in the wake of consumerization of technology, it’s time to address the growing chaos in our personal lives; to return some control and peace of mind to the constantly changing dynamics of modern family life.”

Martin Cooper is universally recognized as the “Father of the Cell Phone”. He and his wife, Arlene Harris, have spent more than 3 decades helping to bring wireless technology to life.   Martin, who’s known as Marty to everyone he meets, is a world-renowned expert on technology and innovation and its impact on business and society.  He is widely regarded as one of the leading inventors of our time and has contributed to every wireless innovation of the past five decades.

Marty is active in shaping public policy in the US, and globally, having participated in a variety of government and standards focused initiatives.  He is passionate about reducing the cost of services by increasing the capacity of wireless networks in order to spur the emerging revolution in health care, education and collaboration; a revolution that will, again, change the way we live and work.

Marty is Co-Founder of ArrayComm, LLC and, along with his wife, is Co-Founder of GreatCall, Inc. and Dyna LLC.  He spent the first half of his career at Motorola, where he led a number of major businesses and invented the first portable cellular phone, brought to life in 1973 when he made the first-ever cellular phone call from a street corner in New York City. He has won many prestigious awards, with 2013 accolades including the Marconi Prize and the Charles Stark Draper Award of the National Academy of Engineering, of which he is a member.

Marty and Arlene live in San Diego.  During the last 30 years, they have experienced many successful ventures but have, ironically, endured the challenges of everyday life brought about by the proliferation of technology.  Spotting big opportunities, they’re believers in the ability of well-designed technology to solve problems of all sizes and thus their next big venture, Wrethink Family Life Management Solutions.

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