3 Common FaMily data concerns

#1: How do I find it all? Your family data exists in various formats and in different places: Some is stored in file cabinets. Some is digitally scattered among family members or stored on various devices. Some important documents and cherished photos are deteriorating with the passing years.

#2: How can I organize and manage it? Even if you know the whereabouts of your materials, managing them takes time. And as time goes on, there is more and more to organize.

#3: How do I know all of it is secure? Your personal data, including confidential files, can be used by third parties to scam you or make money by knowing about your behaviors.


Our products will put you in the center of a secure, easy-to-use, combination of services that help you organize your data and your life. You are empowered to help your family function more efficiently, feel more secure, and have more time for what really matters.

Our current focus is making a beautiful appliance for your kitchen, but our business is really about the service we provide you: organizing, streamlining, protecting, and selectively sharing your most important information and precious memories.

As your trusted service provider, we are committed to delivering a product that is so easy to use you don’t need to learn anything new. Every family member will discover a new way to use technology and enjoy unparalleled customer support.




Rosy is still behind closed doors while we work toward our upcoming product debut. Read more about Rosy and subscribe for updates at the bottom of the page.


Wrethink is a unique and simple-to-use complete system of hardware and software. We enable family members to pull together their personal archives and current materials in one place, so all of it is secure, private, and easy to access and share. We accomplish this for you through our unique system of artificial intelligence technologies that analyze and help you organize.

You access our system through a new, uniquely styled home appliance called Kitchen Sync. Kitchen Sync sits as a hub of family activities, whether the den, kitchen, or living room. Not only is it attractive, but it is also magically simple for you to collect and organize all of the items that were previously so hard to find and manage.

You will feel reassured to know we are the first internet services company expressly designed for the family that is based on trust. While much of the internet is slyly gathering and selling your information, our model is a simple flat service fee. That's why you can have our guarantee that we will never disclose anything about you or your family members.



Managing and organizing important documents, mementos, photographs, and keepsakes is a struggle. Over the years, it can become a mess. The mess is often overwhelming, and there isn’t a clear and easy solution for all of the different things that need to be stored.

Rosy is an innovative home technology device designed to help save you time and be more organized by getting everything into one centralized location. Think of it as a digital vault. With Rosy, you can easily save and organize critical documents like insurance policies, wills, and bank statements. Rosy will digitally file them for you by document type, priority, and responsible party and she can also digitize and seamlessly organize your cherished family memories like photos and videos by date, family member and location.

Simply use Rosy to scan or upload all of your important documents, photos, and other keepsakes, and she will read, learn and organize everything for easy retrieval. You can even use voice command to search your vault at any time.

Like a personal assistant, Rosy enhances your control of everything in your digital vault. By asking you questions, she will organize everything in a way that’s intuitive to you, so you can see what you want, when you want, in the way you want to see it. Plus Rosy can help you share special moments or collaborate on projects whenever you want.

Rosy also knows that your data privacy is very important, so she protects all of your information on a closed secure network. Whether you have kids and/or parents who live with you or on their own, Rosy is the perfect solution for all of your family management needs.


Already, our earliest testers are enjoying centralizing their digital materials with the help of our service.

As we complete our first stages of input and response, our supporters remain enthusiastic. Why? We are building a one-of-a-kind, trustworthy, user-friendly, secure system of family data management. We’re laser-focused on the most important concerns of the family home manager (often a mom).

With the help of world-class experts, we have created a genuinely new offering that will change the lives of anyone who is part of a busy family circle. The biggest benefit for the family manager? You'll have lots more time to spend with those you love.

We will be testing with users in 2019 to ensure we have designed the best possible experience. Final launch is slated for early 2020.

Register below and we'll send you periodic updates on our progress. You’ll also be the first to know when our products become available. Thank you for joining Wrethink on this journey to make family data better.

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