Families generate lots of data

There's so much of it, spread all over the place, we decided it was time to engage technology to help, putting you in the center of an ecosystem of services that will make your family function better, giving you back time to spend with those you love.


The fAMILY data challenge

Where is this personal data people should keep track of, but often don't?

It's the files you have in shoeboxes with all your important papers. The albums sitting dusty on the shelf, rarely looked at, but the first thing you'd take with you in a fire or flood. Its the mail that arrives which you know you'll get around to filing sometime. And, most important of all, it is all the stuff internet (and traditional) companies have recorded about you.

All this data is in various formats. Some of it is decaying with the passing years. Some of it is being used by third parties to make money by knowing about you. Some of it is so secret, like your health and financial records, you can only see it if your provider chooses to give you permission.

We decided to put you at the center of your data, by building the first internet company for the family that's based on trust. While the rest of the internet is selling your eyeballs for cash, our model is a simple flat service fee. That's why you can trust us to never share anything about you. We will never make money from your data.

What we're building

Wrethink is a complete system of a beautiful, incredibly simple, device and software and cloud services to allow family members to ingest all their personal data to a single, secure and private, vault. Our system uses the latest artificial intelligence technologies to analyze your data so it can be automatically organized, retrieved and, at your sole discretion, shared.

Our technology lets you scan photos or any other kind of document,  automatically classifying and tagging them as you go. And, of course, we automatically detect and manage any of your data which is already digital.

We are delivering this with a new category of home appliance we call Kitchen Sync. Sitting wherever family activities get done, Kitchen Sync is a unique tool that looks as good on the kitchen counter as the living room, and makes it magically simple to input and access your data. Just talk to Kitchen Sync and let us do the work.

Our Future Vision

We see a world where you are in control of your data, not big companies or free internet services. By providing you this control we can change the economics of the internet.

What does that mean, exactly?

It means if someone can make money from your data, that person should be you.

It means organizations that provide services to you should have to do so on your terms, not theirs.

It means your data is private by default. No-one can get information about you without your express permission.

We will deliver this vision by partnering with other companies who are interested in delivering services to you. Each of these providers must be specifically granted permissions by you to access the data required to deliver the service. Don't like their terms? Decline their access to your data. You are in control.

Present Status

We are completing our first implementations of ingestion, retrieval and organization. Already, our earliest beta users are ingesting their digital materials with our technology.

Our investors continue to support us as we build out our roadmap for family data management, focussing on the most common needs of the family manager, often a woman.

With the help of world class experts, we've created a genuinely new offering we think will change the lives of anyone who is  part of a busy family circle. The biggest change for the family manager? You'll have lots more time to spend with those you love.

We're launching Christmas 2019. We'll be shipping units to a few test markets in March 2019 to ensure we've designed the best experience possible. 

Keep in touch With our progress!

We're launching Christmas 2019, and will open for testing in March 2019. Would you like to be one of the first with Wrethink? Register here for updates.

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